• Discover the fascination of our world famous museums like the “Fondation Beyeler”, the “Museum of Art” or the “Tinguely Collection” (2-3 hours)
  • Find together the city’s hot spots, most beautiful squares and highlights like the Carneval Fountain, the Exhibition Square or the Pfalz by using our unique public transport system or the unhurried ferries across the Rhein (2-4 hours)
  • Do you know the art galleries of Basel? There is a wide offer of galleries, for example from the “Gallery von Bartha” over the “Gallery Carzaniga” to the gallery “Schöneck” in Riehen, let’s find and explore them together (2-3 hours)


  • Let’s discover the old town of Basel, you will learn a lot about our history!
  • The city of fairs and events. Did you ever visit “Art Basel”, “Basel World” our watch and jewelry fair or the autumn fair? Let’s explore those fairs and other great events like the “Basel Tattoo”, the “Christmas Market” or the “Baloise Session” with world famous musicians (2-4 hours)
  • Experience the German language in small and cozy venues or the famous “Stadttheater” in Basel? We discover together the best in town (duration depends on program)
  • Where and what to eat in Basel? From cozy and traditional to gourmet and international, from the “Bodega” and the “Atlantis” to the “Au violon” (a former prison) and the “Kunsthalle” – let’s study the menus and explore the best places in our region (2-3 hours)
  • What about shopping? Is it fashion or interiors, the small boutiques like “Max & moi” or the larger houses like “Globus”? Become a local, let’s discover them all together and live your style (2-4 hours)


  • You are into sports? Let’s explore the regional offering of outdoor and indoor sports. Is it running, hiking or tennis, or more leisurely like taking a walk into the beautiful Ermitage of Arlesheim, bowling or minigolf – no matter what, learn about the region and its possibilities and let’s have fun together (2-4 hours)
  • What about sport events? Experience an emotional soccer game of our local FCB or a thrilling tennis match during the Swiss Indoors (duration depends on program)
  • How can you find a fitness venue that suits you, like “Indigo” or a relaxing wellness facility such as  “SoleUno» in Rheinfelden in the Basel area? Learn about what’s on offer and get to know local habits (3-5 hours)


  • Would you like to explore the city and region? We can make great trips by bike or on foot. A bike ride along the river “Wiese” and having lunch at the restaurant “Wiesengarten” will make the day fly by. But I will also accompany you to beautiful places all over Switzerland.


  • You would like to combine all such activities with German language courses in an easy and casual atmosphere? I have been teaching for 6 years the German language to Expats in a very personal and individual set up and I am happy to support you in feeling even more local and socially integrated.

Get in touch and book your preferred personal activities or place your wishes with me to gather further experiences in our region: little trips, movies, hiking or whatever in English or German – we are going to have fun together.