You & Me

Find a friend!


You have chosen our region as a stopover for a limited time or as your new home for the future. You are missing social contact with local people. You would like to build up your new social network or you like to improve your German skills for this purpose.


Basel is my native city. I have always been fascinated about the international influence in our region and about contact with our large international population, different languages and cultures. Over time, it has become my passion to support new residents in settling in and to provide guidance to help them feel safe and at home in our region.


To soundly integrate in regional social life or for any efficient interaction with public bodies, schools etc. language skills in German are crucial. For sure, a lot of people in our region do have outstanding language skills in English, therefore room for practicing and improving German appears to be rare sometimes. But communication and interaction using the local language is the cornerstone of building a successful social life and feeling at home here.

That being said, spending time with a local friend, but in English, can make you feel more established in this country.

  • Would you like to find a friend, to experience the city, culture and lifestyle, do sport, discover art and have fun with a native on an amicable basis in English or German?
  • Do you want to improve your German skills efficiently and effectively by learning in a personal atmosphere at my home or by visiting the city, museum, country etc., with me?
  • To dive into the German language requires focus –  but nothing sinks in without a lot of fun!

Get in touch with me and book your personal experience. Let’s become friends and have fun together!